Home ventilation systems

Home Ventilation Systems

Is your home making you sick?

Toxins build up in your home and cause coughing, watery eyes, dizziness, sneezing, feeling tired and suffering headaches can be common signs of poor indoor air quality. While more severe symptoms include eye irritation, rashes, muscle pain, respiratory problems, asthma, fever or chills, nose bleeds, wheezing and lung disease. When the humidity in your home reaches 40% or greater and mixes with organic food sources it creates the perfect environment for mold, musty odors and unhealthy living conditions. The EZ-Breathe® Ventilation Unit from A Better Choice, Inc. improves ventilation, controls humidity levels, reduces mold and expels dangerous vapors and air pollution. Ventilation and fresh air exchange is your prescription for a healthy environment for you and your family. 

ez breathe ventilation systems

improve the air you breathe

The American Lung Association and EPA recognize three major strategies for reducing indoor air pollution:

  • Source control

  • Ventilation

  • Air Cleaning

The EZ-Breathe System® tackles them all for noticeably cleaner and fresher indoor air. 


It replaces the air in your home up to 10 times per day!